Marketing report on NEurope pipeline

RUSSIA will publish a marketing report on the North-European gas pipeline to be laid across the Baltic Sea to Europe, Russian Premier Mikhail Kasyanov said in mid-June following his negotiations with his Finnish counterpart Anneli Yaatteenmaki. According to Kasyanov, the report will analyse the proposed gas sales, and will allow the Russian government to seriously begin resolving issues of the pipeline’s financing. The project requires $3 billion, Kasyanov said. “The sum is not big, but requires efforts to attract investments,” he stressed.


Finnish Premier Anneli Yaatteenmaki, in her turn, pointed out that the North-European gas pipeline was a “topical project”.Implementation of the project depends not only on Russia and Finland, but also on the UK, Sweden, and Netherlands. “Before launching construction of the pipeline we must analyse how vital it is for the market as well as determine the pipeline’s financing,” she said. She called the pipeline a crucial European project, but said that Finland’s participation in it would not be large.

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