GRP shelters protecting offshore gas equipment

An offshore platform upgrade project, engineered by Oil & Gas Systems Limited (OGS), has required GRP shelters to protect its gas metering instrumentation from the harsh North Sea environment.

Intertec Instrumentation provided the two lightweight and corrosion-resistant shelters to protect the gas chromatograph analysers and process transmitted that are mounted above new natural gas export pipelines.

The pipelines connect the platform to an onshore terminal in the UK and the instrumentation provides critical monitoring data on gas quality as part of the custody transfer metering system.

This project presented many challenges including the harsh operating environment in the North Sea and the space and weight restrictions of adding new facilities to a working platform.

GRP materials were specified to protect the instrumentation as it allowed a significant reduction in weight compared to metal shelters and has an excellent ability to withstand offshore and environmental conditions.

OGS Sales Manager Anthony Dingle said Interlec was selected to build the custom shelters due to previous experiences.

“It can be a significant challenge to add new facilities into existing processing plants, and especially so when they are located offshore,” said Mr Dingle.

“Intertec’s ability to design and build custom enclosure solutions was a big help to us in meeting the design constraints of this complex and fast-track offshore instrumentation project.”

For more information visit the OGS website.

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