Grouted tee agreement

Under the new agreement, Furmanite is licensed to manufacture, market, and install the tee, which is designed to enable hot-tap connections to be made to pipelines to provide a permanent connection (with a design life up to 40 years) with no welding required and without disrupting production.

The tee comprises two half shells with a branched tee that are bolted together around the main pipeline; the annular space between the shell and pipe is filled with grout and an integral saddle seal provides pressure containment. Connections can be made to existing pipelines in any location, whether for new pipeline developments, branches, repairs, or to create a by-pass. Further, compatibility issues are avoided as metallurgical independence is maintained between the main pipeline and the connection.

Smaller, lighter in weight, and simpler to install than current mechanical fittings, and requiring only grit blasting to prepare the surface on the main pipeline, the tee is designed to be used on pipes up to 56in diameter at operating temperatures from -5å¡C to +90å¡C and pressures to ANSI class 600. The branch off the main line can range from small-diameter to equal tee for stopple operations.

By eliminating the need for welding, the unit can provide a cost-effective alternative to welded-tee connections, removing the need for skilled welders. Moreover, it can accommodate far greater ovality of the main pipeline than welded solutions, making installation simpler and quicker. The tee can also be fitted with insertable pigging bars to accommodate all types of pigging operations.

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