Goldeneye gas condensate service contract

This new gas-condensate field development is located in the UK sector of the North Sea, 100km NE of the gas plant at St Fergus in Scotland. In order to ensure that the process facility is leak-free prior to commissioning with live gas, BJ PPS will provide pre-commissioning nitrogen/helium leak detection services on the offshore process facility pipework systems. To achieve this, the company will use its specialist nitrogen helium leak-detection technology to provide a safe, leak-free start-up. In addition, BJ PPS will provide nitrogen dewatering, MEG conditioning, and commissioning of the 20-in, 102-km long, export pipeline, as well as commissioning of the 4-in, 102-km long, service pipeline that will transport hydrate and corrosion inhibitors.

Work will commence in January at Shell’s St Fergus gas plant, and at the new Goldeneye NUI (‘normally-unattended installation) in the NSea. Upon completion, the export pipeline will transfer gas and condensate under reservoir pressure from the unmanned platform on the field to the onshore processing facility at St Fergus. Gas will then be delivered to the National Transmission System operated by Transco at St Fergus, while NGLs and condensate will go to the Fife Natural Gas Liquids Plant in Mossmorran through an existing pipeline. Following further processing, various products, including condensate, propane, and butane will be produced from the field, which is expected to produce for seven to 10 years.

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