Finding solutions: unpiggable pipelines

Following the success of the first Forum in March 2011, the 2013 Unpiggable Pipeline Solutions Forum continues with the objective of addressing capabilities and guidance concerning tools for corrosion and mechanical damage inspection of “÷unpiggable’ oil, gas and hazardous liquids pipelines.

Organisers Tiratsoo Technical (a division of Great Southern Press) and Houston-based Clarion Technical Conferences says the focus will be on existing technologies as well as those in research and development. Advances and best practices in above-ground remote assessments, guided wave technologies, and internal corrosion direct assessment methods will form a significant part of the programme.

Live-line access techniques, combined with low-flow restriction robotic and wire-line-powered internal inspection tools, will also be a special focus, especially for pipeline segments that cannot be taken out of service when further integrity inspections are required.

The Forum will attract project managers, engineering consultants, pipeline owners and operators, giving you an unprecedented opportunity to network with the people that need your services to keep their projects moving.


Does your company provide tools for unpiggable pipelines? Make sure to book your exhibition space to gain further exposure at this unique and targeted show. The Unpiggable Pipeline Solutions Forum will attract top decision-makers from the industry, providing you with a direct opportunity to discuss and showcase your products and services.

The reception and all lunches, morning and afternoon breaks will be held in the Exhibition area, ensuring you get high-quality traffic. In addition, booking a space gives you access to the entire conference with a complimentary full registration includes all major networking events.

Join the Forum

There is still time to submit a paper to be part of the programme and take part in the Forum. The programme will cover both above-ground remote assessments as well as internal inspection tools and methods for challenging pipe configurations and situations, such as:

  • Longer distances
  • Mutlti-diameters
  • Low-flow conditions
  • Small diameters with tight bends
  • Difficult or no access
  • Cased road crossings
  • Bore restrictions
  • Back-to-back bends
  • Unbarred tees, Y connections, off-takes, crossovers, laterals, deadlegs
  • Steep and vertical sections
  • Thick- or thin-walled pipe
  • Over- or undersized valves
  • Short-radius or mitered bends.

The organisers invite presentations covering experience with the range of tools that are currently available and in use, as well as reports on promising research and development in this field.

The deadline for submissions is 31 December 2013 and final papers will be due on 9 April 2013.

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