Expanding with gas: Oman

The expansion is being carried out through a series of projects presently under way in different areas of the Sultanate, and the upgrade comes on top of a significant augmentation of the company’s gas infrastructure capacity last year.

Several new projects will further add to OGC’s gas transportation network during 2009 and beyond. Key among these initiatives is a project involving the installation of four compressor trains at Fahud, which will boost the overall flow and pressure regimes of the gas network in the wake of the rapid increase in gas transportation capacity.

In the Port of Sohar area, home to a number of industrial schemes, OGC is preparing to award contracts for new gas supply lines to Vale’s iron ore pelletizing project, as well as to downstream aluminium industries within the nearby industrial estate. Similar supply streams were completed last year to Sharq Steel, Sohar Aluminium, and Aromatics Oman in Sohar, as well as to the SMN Barka power project, and the Octal petrochemicals plant in Salalah.

Also nearing completion is a 20 inch diameter, 30 km loop line from Murayrat to the Al Ghubrah power plant in Muscat. This line will ensure uninterrupted supplies to Al Ghubrah, supplementing the existing line which suffered a rupture during the bad weather conditions of June, 2007.

In the Nimr area, OGC is investing in a new compressor station to augment gas supplies to Salalah. A contract was also awarded late last year for the construction of pipeline extensions and gas supply stations to serve the Salalah methanol scheme and an independent power and water project planned at Taqah in Dhofar Governorate. These supply projects are due to be completed in phases by early 2010.

Work is continuing on a 32 inch diameter, 252 km pipeline that runs from Saih Rawl in central Oman to Mukhaizna where it will supply Occidental Petroleum with gas for its enhanced oil recovery operations.

Also envisaged are upgrades to gas supply stations and advanced metering facilities at the Rusayl, Wadi Jizzi, and Al Ghubrah power stations. This will also contribute to enhanced processing capacity at the Rusayl power plant. A highlight of OGC’s achievements last year was the successful commissioning of three compressor trains at Buraimi in October, enabling gas imports into Oman via the Dolphin network.

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