Excellent pipelaying progress reaps rewards

More than 5km out of a total of 9km of 32-in diameter ductile iron pipeline, valued at å£650,000, has been laid to reinforce supplies in the Sedgley and Hinksford areas of the W Midlands. The route of this pipeline is predominantly across fields but there are some wooded areas and it includes one canal crossing and three road crossings. Completion is due in December.

Around 2.1km of twin 16in ductile iron pipeline, valued at å£330,000, in the same vicinity has also been laid along the route of a disused railway line and is shortly to be connected up to the existing mains. In both cases, the pipes and fittings are being supplied free-issue by the client. South Staffordshire Water has just awarded a third scheme to install a further 10km of 16-in pipe from Hinxford Pumping Station to Hagley at a value of å£960,000. Work is due to commence in November with completion programmed for March, 2004. The Mainlaying Framework runs until 2006 with an option to extend for a further two years subject to satisfactory performance.

The company has also recently secured a three-year facilities’ management contract from Bristol Water. Worth around å£6m/yr, the contract involves reactive maintenance on more than 6,500km of mains, serving 433,000 households and 42,000 business premises. Infrastructure services to new residential properties will also be provided across Bristol Water’s region, which encompasses 1.1m customers spread over 2,391 sq km.

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