Effective monitoring of cathodic protection

The cathodic-on-line (CCOL) device remotely monitors the potential and current of a CP system; various levels of sophistication of monitoring are available, including the ability to measure polarized potentials, which are a more-valid measurement in-line with current standards and practices. The system provides c-p data monitoring, logging, graphing, and alarm warnings, using the mobile-phone network short message service (SMS), and the internet for display, monitoring, and data manipulation. Sampling can be conducted at various intervals depending on customer’s requirements. The data is archived each year, with the customer being provided with a copy of the data on a CD and, additionally, the data is stored in BAC’s own archives for a further four years.

If an operating unit enters an alarm criterion, an e-mail, is automatically generated as soon as the data has been sent by the portal to the control room. A report can also be sent to a designated mobile phone using additional software as a report to inform field engineers. Advantages are said to include better CP control, precise and continuous knowledge of the status of the CP current and potential, and also decreases of out-of-limit time as well as system outage time.

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