Clarion to host pipeline training courses in December

Defect Assessment in Pipelines
4-6 December

The course will present the latest defect-assessment methods, aimed at pipeline engineers and managers. Methods will range from simple, quick assessment methods, to the more detailed fitness for purpose analysis. The course is highly interactive and will take the form of lectures, workshops, and case studies.

Advanced Pipeline Risk Management
5-6 December

Designed to equip attendees with the information and know-how to set up and implement a comprehensive risk management program for pipelines, the course will go into considerable depth to explain the latest methods for risk profiling.

Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines
5-6 December

This course will cover a wide range of topics related to hydrostatic testing of pipelines for gas and hazardous liquid service for both in-service and new construction according to CFR 49 Parts 192 and 195.

 Pipeline Integrity Management
5-7 December

This course will provide a sound review of pipeline integrity management strategies, in compliance with regulatory requirements, including self-assessment. The course is highly interactive and takes the form of lectures and case studies.

Managing Cracks and Seam Weld Anomalies on Pipelines
6-8 December

The course provides an integrated, data-driven approach for addressing these forms of cracking and seam-weld anomalies. It will offer in-depth coverage of the formation of these types of anomalies and the conditions that drive their growth until they become unstable, leading to leaks or ruptures.

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