Clarion Technical offers training courses

There are nine courses available for registration, including advanced pipeline risk management, defect assessment in pipelines, engineering assessment of onshore pipeline gathering systems, fracture mechanics for pipeline engineers, hydrostatic testing of pipelines, inspection of challenging pipelines, managing cracks and seam weld anomalies on pipelines, pipeline defects clinic and pipeline integrity management.

Managing cracks and seam weld anomalies on pipelines
Houston*: 10–11 September
Calgary: 6–7 December

This course will provide an integrated, data-driven approach for addressing environmentally, manufacturing or operational related crack and seam weld anomalies and integrity threats.

Pipeline defects clinic
Houston*: 10–12 September

This course examines how the manufacturing and corrosion defects identified by intelligent pigging may arise, and how they may develop to equip participants to characterise and prioritise these defects in review and analysis of inspection reports, and to minimise defects in the fabrication process.

Engineering assessment of onshore pipeline gathering systems
Houston*: 12–13 September

This course is designed to help engineers understand the most important considerations in developing a plan for managing onshore gathering system integrity and provide a background of systems and processes for the development of customised mechanical integrity management plans and strategies.

Inspection of challenging pipelines
Houston*: 13–14 September

The course will provide an in-depth introduction into the inspection of challenging pipelines that cannot be inspected using traditional inline inspection tools; typical flaws and anomalies found in a range of challenging assets will be covered during the course.

Defect assessment in pipelines
Houston*: 12–14 November
Calgary: 3–5 December

This course, organised in association with Penspen Integrity, will present the latest defect assessment methods, ranging from simple assessment methods to the more detailed analysis.

Pipeline integrity management
Houston*: 12–14 November
Calgary: 3–5 December

The seminar provides a sound review of pipeline integrity management strategies, in compliance with regulatory requirements, including self-assessment.

Hydrostatic testing of pipelines
Houston*: 14–15 November

The course covers technical aspects of planning and conducting a hydrotest and will cover integrity reviews prior to testing through evaluation of test results; there is a focus is on testing with water, but testing with other media will be discussed.

Fracture mechanics for pipeline engineers
Houston*: 14–16 November
Calgary: 4–5 December

This course will educate attendees on the tools and technology to apply to cracks and other planar anomalies and threats that pose a significant risk to pipeline integrity, with a focus on the practical application of modern fracture mechanics and flaw assessment methods and models to pipeline integrity.

Advanced pipeline risk management
Houston: 14–16 November
Calgary: 6–7 December

This workshop will equip attendees to set up and implement a comprehensive risk management program for pipelines and includes a review of risk management concepts, risk assessment methodologies and a review of the most practical risk assessment technique available to the pipeline industry.

* These courses may be attended in person or online.

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