CEPA releases new standard for pipeline inspection

The development of the Pipeline Inspector Certification (PIC) Program is designed to create a North American standard for the process and has been a priority in CEPA’s goal of zero incidents in the transmission pipeline industry.

PIC has been developed by the CEPA Foundation in conjunction the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) and the INGAA Foundation.

CEPA Foundation PIC Program Chair Jason Landa, who is also Vice President of Operations at JSG Professional Services, said the program sets a consistent standard for pipeline inspection across Canada and the US.

“The inspector’s role is to verify that all projects are constructed in accordance with design requirements, regulatory requirements, company specifications and industry best practices,” said Mr Landa.

“The certification program raises the bar for inspectors by providing recognised standards and universally accepted training requirements.

“Companies will continue to conduct their own training, but the program will establish a baseline to build on.”

While the CEPA Foundation will continue to manage the guidelines for the program, it will be administered by independent certification bodies, such as NACE, the CWB Group and the American Petroleum Institute.

The current plan is to have all pipeline inspectors certified by the end of 2018, helping to move toward the goal of zero incidents.

For more information visit the CEPA Foundation website.

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