Armenia: construction starts on gas line to Iran

The report discusses the results of a visit by an Armenian delegation headed by Artashes Tumanyan, who heads the Armenian presidential administration and is co-chairman of the bilateral intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation, to Iran on in late June. The terms for starting the construction are not given in the statement, although this will probably be decided prior to the forthcoming visit of Iranian president Mohammad Khatami to Yerevan.

The agreement between Iran and Armenia to construct the pipeline was signed in Yerevan on 13 June 13 this year. The document envisages supplying 36 billion cubic meters of Iranian gas to Armenia over 20 years, in exchange for electricity. The length of the pipeline will be 141km, 100 of which will be in Iranian territory. The total estimated construction cost is $210-$220 million, and it is expected that gas supplies to Armenia will begin by January, 2007.

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