Ageing Pipelines Conference – submit your paper now!

Aimed at sharing knowledge and featuring the latest achievements relating to the assessment, use, and maintenance of ageing high-pressure (cross-country/offshore) transmission and low-pressure distribution gas and oil pipeline systems, the conference will take place from 7-8 October, 2015, in Ostend, Belgium.

The event is organised by Tiratsoo Technical (a division of Great Southern Press), Clarion Technical Conferences, and the University of Gent’s Lab Soete, and supported by PRCI and EPRG, and will cover a range of topics, including:

  • In-line inspection and defect-sizing accuracy
  • Material properties and test requirements
  • Code developments: vintage vs new codes
  • Girth welds: inspection and assessment
  • Crack-arrest capabilities
  • Fatigue testing
  • Routeing issues, third-party damage
  • Coating properties, cathodic protection, corrosion
  • Data management
  • Risk management.

Offers of papers and abstracts should be submitted by 15 May, 2015.
More information on the conference or the call for papers is available here.

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