International pipeline and offshore contractors to gather in Sydney

The leading global players in pipeline construction – members, associate members and guests of the IPLOCA – will gather in Sydney for the Convention.

This is the first time the IPLOCA Convention will travel “˜Down Under’ and it is an exciting time with Australia’s own Andy Lucas the current IPLOCA President.

Delegates from more than 40 countries, owners of and suppliers to pipeline construction companies, will meet to network and focus on construction and topics related to new technologies, contracting, safety and the environment for onshore and offshore pipelines. The convention is open to IPLOCA members and their invited guests.

Speakers will include David Stewart, Deputy Co-Ordinator General, Queensland Government who will speak about the $2 billion pipeline system being constructed in Queensland and Rod Beeler, VP of Asia Pacific Marketing for Caterpillar.

With well over 250 members from all corners of the globe, including the major international pipeline and offshore constructors and their major subcontractors, IPLOCA embraces every discipline associated with the industry both on and offshore.

Its members are companies directly involved in pipeline construction, a few of whom have been around virtually since the beginning of oil and gas pipeline transportation. Over the years they have been responsible for innovations that have revolutionised construction methods on and offshore.

IPLOCA’s Associate Members provide the industry with its vital support services, equipment, materials, tools and supplies. They too have been at the leading edge of progress with research and development geared to an ever changing industry.

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