Interflow tackles Mt Cole

The Mt Cole Primus Line project required pipe relining over a distance of 1.4 km at a top elevation of approximately 200 m.

The location provided a number of challenges. Vehicle access to the worksite was heavily limited, with vehicles only able to reach the top and bottom sections of the worksite.

Making things more difficult, the working crew had to reach the alignment on foot, traversing a challenging walking track while carrying the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job.

The necessary heavy materials for the project had to be airlifted in, with bundles of pre-packaged pipes and fittings placed at the relevant points along the whole length of the alignment. Sections of pipe that needed to be removed were also airlifted out of the area.

The Primus Line solution was installed using a winch and a pulling head that had to work its way from the top of the project, the full 1.4 km, which marks a new pulling record for the company.

The difficult work site, in addition to the harsh conditions in the area, mean that the Interflow crew deserve sincere congratulations for completing the project.

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