Innovative pipeline easement clearing solution

The company has expanded its fleet of specialised mulching equipment to become the leading easement clearing specialists in Australia. Their combination of innovative land-clearing equipment tackles the problems of vegetation clearing in a cost effective, environmentally responsible manner.

National Vegetation Management has invested considerable resources to purchase the latest combination of specialised high production vegetation clearing equipment to offer quick, cost effective solutions to their clients, dramatically lessening environmental impact.

National Vegetation Management has rapidly established itself as the market leader, being awarded major construction contracts for road, powerline, water and gas pipeline easements with large corporations throughout Australia.

The company has brought together a range of equipment which includes:

  • 450hp – 850hp Vertical Mulchers that can mulch any size tree where it stands;
  • 310 hp to 465 hp Broad Acre Mulchers for processing large areas of vegetation quickly;
  • Vertical Tree Extractors that can unearth entire trees or break them down piece by piece;
  • Excavator Groomers for mulching smaller vegetation; and,
  • Tubgrinders and skidsteer mulchers.

All machines are designed around varying parameters to achieve specific results. For this reason, all machines have both strengths and inherent weaknesses. National Vegetation Management has brought together a variety of machines, that when combined together enhance their unique features and improve their overall and individual productivity.

The Vertical Mulcher stands alone, processing large timber in rocky, step terrain. The Broad Acre Mulcher is efficient at processing small timber and foliage, as well as large areas of vegetation.

National Vegetation Management’s ability to combine these machines allows them to deliver an unsurpassed vegetation clearing process with dramatic upfront cost saving to clients. There are additional hidden cost savings, such as improved community perception of your company as well as no need to remove vegetation material from site as all vegetation is mulched in-situ and spread evenly over the ground, thereby acting as erosion control and greatly reducing the need for sediment control.

Additional benefits specific to easement clearing include the improvements to the site work conditions and productivity caused by the bed of mulch which reduces dust or mud in the region. This facilitates more convenient site access with heavy equipment, right to the job front and is aided by the processing of all or only centreline stumps.

National Vegetation Management’s services have been successfully employed by Project and Environmental Managers on Duke Energy’s Tasmanian Gas Pipeline and Origin Energy’s Spring Gully Gas Pipeline. The company is a national operation, specialising in supplying services primarily to infrastructure service companies, such as major gas, power and water line easements.

An important factor in the company’s success is their team of professional employees. The team works with principal contractors to achieve a common objective through professional and cost effective service.

National Vegetation Management offers its clients a complete vegetation management package, including consulting services, environmental management plans, liaising with property owners, environmental and indigenous liaison officers, tree feller, access tower, Arborist retrieval of millerable timber.

National Vegetation Management delivers their clients a total solution to their vegetation clearing requirements. With their extensive range and fleet of specialised equipment, National Vegetation Management utilises their own equipment with their own operators working to a Quality Management System. This minimises the use of subcontractors and ensures their client’s needs are satisfied on time and cost effectively.

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