Infrastructure Constructions expands into Queensland

Always looking for new challenges and opportunities, IC, a business unit of UXC Limited, has been slowly expanding its operations throughout the NSW region to include not just Sydney and major coastal towns, but also many smaller townships located deep in the NSW interior. An increase in projects involving underground power, communication and sewerage upgrades have all contributed to IC’s expansion and growth.

Recently, IC made another major step in the underground civil construction industry by acquiring Queensland-based horizontal directional drilling (HDD) company, The Trenchless Group. This will allow IC to expand its operations into the ever increasing Queensland market. Through The Trenchless Group’s current fleet of HDD machines and their vast knowledge and expertise within the Queensland market, IC sees itself as becoming one of Queensland’s major underground civil construction companies within the next few years.

IC is already a market-leader in the underground civil construction industry within NSW and has been in that position for several years now. With the inclusion of The Trenchless Group, IC will become the largest HDD company of its type on the east coast of Australia.

Over the years IC has been at the pinnacle of underground power installations within NSW. With years of experience through working for Integral Energy and now successfully winning a major contract with Energy Australia, IC believes it has a vast range of knowledge to share with similar Queensland utility companies regarding the installation of underground power networks using both open trenching and HDD methods.

To date, IC has installed over 40,000 metres of reticulation pipeline for low pressure sewerage programs throughout NSW including the installation of boundary kits and pots. The increased awareness within water authorities and local councils to convert some residential areas to low pressure sewerage instead of using conventional gravity systems is constantly gaining momentum. IC has gained a plethora of knowledge in this field over the construction of numerous projects and sees an opportunity north of the border.

Since IC’s inception back in 1998, communication projects have been a major contributor to its success. Many major projects requiring an array of different construction methods have been successfully completed by IC throughout NSW and hopefully will continue this trend into Queensland.

As for Horizontal Directional Drilling, it continues to grow in popularity throughout Australia. IC already offers its clients a wide range of HDD machines and expertise to undertake projects but now they will be able to offer the client the ability to complete longer, larger and more difficult bores. Also with its increased numbers IC will be able to better plan project start times and ensure that clients get their projects completed as early as possible.

Infrastructure Constructions can be contacted regarding any underground civil construction on (02) 9838 1789 or (07) 3394 9494

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