Industry updated on the latest research findings

This was the seventh seminar in an ongoing series designed to disseminate vital research findings to the wider industry.

The research being conducted by the Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) is broadly divided into the following four categories:

  • More efficient use of materials for energy pipelines;
  • Extension of safe operating life of new and existing energy pipelines;
  • Advanced design and construction of energy pipelines; and,
  • Public safety and security of supply of energy pipelines.

According to Leigh Fletcher, current leader of the first research category, the research being conducted by the Energy Pipelines CRC is at a whole new level as it involves a lot more global research and education engagement.

Attendees enjoyed overview presentations from the chairs and leaders of each research program as well in-depth presentations from some of the students within the individual research groups.

The presentations provided updates on a range of topics including opportunities for improving asset management, progresses in measuring and understanding pipeline corrosion under the effects of cathodic protection shielding, considerations for urban planning around pipelines, increasing regulator effectiveness, and more.

The educational experience continued into the evening at the APIA Research and Standards Committee dinner where guest speaker Brian Martin of Brian Martin and Associates spoke about the lessons he had learned from his experiences with line
pipe coatings.

Mr Martin’s speech was highly entertaining and provided a history of good (and not so good) experiences with various coatings on line pipe throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea.

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