Hydratight updates bolt load monitoring device and expands services

The new pocket-sized BoltScope Pro brings higher levels of accuracy to the bolting professional.

BoltScope Pro is the first cost-effective ultrasonic monitoring device to measure bolt load, elongation, stress and percentage of strain at nanosecond intervals, and resolutions down to a thousandth of an inch.

Loaded and unloaded bolt readings can be compared instantly on its easy-to-read screen. The device can also be configured for linear regression or vector readings to assist load measurement optimisation.

BoltScope Pro can store 8,000 readings in multiple groups for detailed comparisons. Readings can be stored offline for joint integrity reporting.

New features include an auto-set facility, which automatically optimises signal detection and adjusts the display accordingly, visual waveform matching so readings can be repeated with accuracy, and a high-low alarm, which can work with the data port and an external pump shut-off device to limit errors.

BoltScope Pro has a tough aluminium body with sealed end-caps for long service in tough conditions and is battery powered, with up to 150 hours of battery life.

In addition Hydratight is expanding its range of services to include hot and cold tapping and installation of thermowells under operating pressure.

Hot and cold tapping requires engineers to drill a hole in a piping system under pressure without draining or spilling the products inside.

It provides a solution to plant and pipeline modifications without the need to decommission, thus reducing plant downtime.

Benefits include:

  • On-line integration of tie-ins or bypass lines without production loss;
  • Installation of thermowells with minimum disruption;
  • Avoidance of expensive emergency shutdowns; and,
  • Sustaining of manufacturing efficiency.

Hydratight’s technique of On-Line Thermowell installation is approved by the TUV certification authority, offering assurance of safe and efficient performance.
The connection of resistance thermometers or thermocouples to existing pipelines under pressure requires qualified engineers and special tapping equipment.
Thermowell installation offers precise, robust and permanent temperature measurement of process media where the media may be corrosive, abrasive or at high pressures.
Benefits include:

  • Installation of Thermowell at operating pressure;
  • Minimum disruption to process/production; and,
  • Ideal for temperature measurement of media where the abrasive or corrosive nature of the media can limit sensor life.

For further information, visit Hydratight’s website.

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