Highly productive attachments from Pipeline Plant Hire

Over recent years, there have been few innovations that have contributed as much to the improvement of safety and construction productivity in the pipeline industry as the handling of pipe using vacuum lifting equipment.

Pipe is moved a number of times during the manufacture, shipping, distribution, stringing and laying of a pipeline.

Traditionally a number of people would attach and detach slings, pipe clamps and chains on and off the pipe.

Vacuum pipe handling equipment has removed personnel away from the pipe, reducing the risk of injury and dramatically reducing the cycle time for each pipe movement to seconds rather than minutes.

Pipeline Plant Hire has a large range of vacuum lifting equipment, from small units used to feed poly pipe, fusion welding machines lifting a few hundred kilograms and large units capable of lifting large diameter, high-pressure pipe weighing over 12 tonne.

In addition, Pipeline Plant Hire has a large range of pipe diameter and material adaptors, beams and shoes to cater for all project needs.

Many of the recent large pipeline projects that incorporate hundreds of thousands of pipe handling movements have used Pipeline Plant Hire’s Australian designed and manufactured vacuum lifting equipment to achieve world-leading performance in pipe handling.

Pipeline Plant Hire has recently incorporated a number of significant improvements to vacuum lifting equipment, improving lifting capacity, visibility, 360-degree horizontal rotation, operational noise reduction, and in-cab control and monitoring.

Other specialised attachments the company offers include:

  • Montabert hammers;
  • ALLU hydraulic screening buckets;
  • Augers;
  • Angle tilt excavator grader blades; and,
  • Side rippers.

Pipeline Plant Hire prides itself on its speed of delivering a complete solution to solve project problems.

The company works with the Australian pipeline industry to improve safety and productivity in the workplace, wherever that may be.

For more information visit www.pipelineplanthire.com.au.

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