Global collaboration begins operational testing

The University of Western Australia (UWA) and Enterprise Transformation Partners (ETP) have signed the MoU with Yokogawa and ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company (EMRE) for collaboration through knowledge sharing.

ExxonMobil previously announced it selected Yokogawa as a complex system integrator and the companies have been collaborating on the design, development, configuration and testing of an O-PAS aligned process control solution.

Conversely, UWA and ETP are the co-founders of the UWA Industry 4.0 Energy and Resources Digital Interoperability (ERDi) TestLab located in Perth, Western Australia.

Now, the collaboration between the four companies will help realise an O-PAS compliant ecosystem to support O-PAS based process control solutions, which is to be built within the ERDi TestLab in 2020.

UWA Testlab Director Professor Eric May said the collaboration was a crucial milestone that would play an important role in delivering new skills and technologies to Australia’s energy and resources sector.

“The ERDi Testlab will be a key tool for the development and demonstration of new interoperable technologies needed for the efficient production of LNG, hydrogen and other key resources,” he said.

“It will play a central role in the delivery of the Future Energy Exports CRC’s research program, which is on track to start this year.

“The collaboration by knowledge sharing with EMRE and Yokogawa will enable key outcomes to be realised much sooner than would otherwise be possible.”

This system will enable engineers from mining, oil and gas, systems integrators and vendors to become more familiar with these technologies and learn new approaches in a lab environment.

Once the core technology components are assembled, the ERDi team and TestLab members will conduct proof of concept and pilot testing with respect to mining and oil and gas use cases.

The results will then be shared with EMRE, Yokogawa and the Open Group Open Process Automation Forum™ (OPAF) to ensure standards capture all requirements.

ERDi TestLab co-founder and ETP Managing Director John Kirkman said big things will come out of this collaboration.

“This is massive benefit for the energy and resources industries, not only here in Australia, but globally,” he said.

“End user companies are looking for bottom line improvements through technology, and the opportunities to capture the largest bang for buck are in operations management, process control technology advancement and automation maturity improvements.”

For more information visit the ERDi Testlab website.

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