Gas pipeline on track in WA

Located 160 km south of Newman in Western Australia, the pipeline works will comprise of an inlet station from APA Group’s Goldfields Gas Pipeline, 79.4 km of 100 mm gas main line and a delivery station for both power generation and use within the SOP production facility.

Pipe for the project is being supplied by Edgen Murray, while WA-based contractor Pipecraft is undertaking the pipe installation works.

Kalium Lakes said installation has been ramping up with grading, clearing and survey activities now complete for the entire pipeline length and trenching is already in place for the first 12 km.

All required piping has been delivered to site, 26 km of which has been strung along the pipeline alignment, while 16 km worth have been welded.

Kalium Lakes CEO Rudolph van Niekerk said the mobilisation and commencement of construction had taken place as planned and the team was exceeding targets daily.

“This gas pipeline is a key asset for the BSOPP and gas supply through our own gas lateral for power generation, steam creation and the drying process for the SOP product will be instrumental in achieving the competitive operating costs with production planned to commence next year,” he said.

The earthworks construction of the gas inlet station and APA adjacent metering facility has been completed, with the facilities ready to be installed and tied-in to the Goldfields pipeline during the next three months.

Kalium Lakes said the installation and remaining gas infrastructure facilities are due for completion by December this year.

For more information visit the Kalium Lakes website.

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