Gas infrastructure set for Bowen

Queensland Minister for Resources Scott Stewart said the basin had the potential to be a source of future gas projects in the state while creating 1,000 construction jobs in the process.

A two-year study is now underway, which will investigate the best options for connecting gas reserves in the Bowen Basin to domestic customers and exports.

“My department has been on the ground engaging with the gas sector to scope the study and ensure it will meet their needs to help them with their future investment decisions,” said Mr Stewart.

“Any potential new gas infrastructure will need to be fit-for-purpose and drive private investment and growth.”

Mr Stewart added that gas is playing a critical role as a transition fuel to renewables, being one of the reasons the Palaszczuk Government is investing into the study.

“The study will also look at opportunities to capture gas emissions from coal mines in the Bowen Basin to contribute to supply and at the same time help reduce emissions,” he said.

“This opportunity is a win-win proposition as it will increase gas supply and at the same time reduce our emissions.

“The other, more important, reason is to help industry grow to drive future resource projects and the thousands of jobs that will flow from them.”

The $5 million study is part of more than $29 million in exploration sector assistance being invested over the next few years to support the resources.

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