Galilee moves forward with QLD drilling

Located in the Surat Basin, Kumbarilla in ATP 2043 will include the drilling of three exploration coreholes targeting CSG resources in the Walloon Subgroup, with the coals to be cored and a full suite of wireline logs obtained to assist with the planning of future drilling programs.

Kumbarilla has 2C resources of 504 PJ and Galilee is anticipating it will take three to four weeks to drill the three exploration coreholes.

At Glenaras in the Galilee Basin, the company will drill a vertical monitoring well to enable measurement of pressure in the coals within the development’s lateral wells.

This drilling will take place either before or after the Kumbarilla coreholes are completed, depending on weather.

“Galilee is moving into an exciting operational phase with confirmed drilling at both our new Kumarilla Project and additional drilling at our Glenaras Gas Project,” said Galilee Managing Director Peter Lansom.

“The Kumbarilla coreholes will test our thesis on the high CSG prospectivity of the Walloons which we expect to set the company on a clear path towards maturing resources to reserves in the strategically important Surat gas province.”

In August 2019, Jemena unveiled a proposed route for a Galilee Gas Pipeline (GGP) which would transport gas from Glenaras to the Queensland Gas Pipeline near Injune, Queensland.

The approximately $600 million project would transport 200 TJ of gas per day, with Jemena hoping to commence work on the project during 2020.

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