Futureproofing stormwater solutions with BlackMAX

In the dynamic landscape of stormwater management, Iplex is breaking new ground with larger BlackMAX® stormwater pipes, soon to be hitting the market.

Designed to exceed industry standards and set new benchmarks in quality and performance, BlackMAX stands as a testament to engineering excellence.

Iplex Technical Product Manager, Michael Lancuba reinforced the quality and performance.

The BlackMAX in situ. Image: Iplex

“Our BlackMAX pipes are renowned for their durability and efficiency, and we are happy to announce that will soon be available to order in larger diameters, including DN750, DN900, DN1000, and DN1200,” he said.

“This expansion represents a significant leap forward in engineering possibilities, offering engineers and industry leaders flexibility in designing and implementing stormwater systems.”

The product will soon be available to order in larger diameters, doubling the range of what was previously available, making it the stormwater solution that makes sense.

“With our new expanded range of larger diameters and a commitment to excellence, BlackMAX is the definitive choice for future-proofing infrastructure projects and ensuring long-term success in stormwater management,” Lancuba said.

BlackMAX encompasses many features:

An enhanced capacity and performance: The introduction of larger diameters means increased stormwater carrying capacity. This may translate to improved system performance, reduced risk of flooding, and better resilience against heavy rainfall events, crucial factors in ensuring effective stormwater management.

A greater design flexibility: With a wider range of diameters to choose from, engineers have more options for designing tailored stormwater solutions. The versatility of BlackMAX allows for efficient customisation to meet specific project requirements, whether it is for urban drainage, industrial sites, or infrastructure developments.

Streamlined installations: The larger diameter BlackMAX pipes streamline the installation process by reducing the number of joints and fittings required. This not only simplifies construction but also minimises potential points of failure, leading to more robust and reliable stormwater systems.

Cost-effective solutions: Despite the increased capacity, BlackMAX remains a cost-effective choice for stormwater infrastructure. Its lightweight yet durable construction contributes to lower transportation and installation costs while ensuring long-term performance and minimal maintenance expenses.

“We are working every week with forward looking customers who are choosing plastic pipe options, and we are proud to be able to give our customers a larger range when it comes to sizes,” Lancuba said.

“We know polypropylene pipes offer several advantages over conventional pipes, especially in certain applications and environments.”

BlackMAX is crafted from structured wall polypropylene, and all Iplex pipes and fittings are meticulously engineered to withstand the rigors of non-pressurised gravity drainage systems. The result is a durable, efficient, and sustainable solution that stands the test of time.

Ensuring durable stormwater management pipes is crucial for infrastructure longevity. BlackMAX offers enduring stormwater solutions for future generations, with a service life of over 100 years when designed and installed in accordance with the relevant standards and manufacturers advice.

Requiring minimal maintenance compared to conventional pipes, the pipes are less prone to scaling, rusting, and other issues that can affect the performance of pipes. This product requires less energy to transport, contributing to sustainability goals.

BlackMAX benefits from the material’s durability and high stiffness, making it structurally robust while maintaining lightweight properties.

It offers superior hydraulic capacity, facilitating efficient flow and minimising the risk of deposit formation. This is especially beneficial for stormwater management systems where efficient water flow is crucial.

BlackMAX also offers flexibility and ease of installation across a range of environments. They are available in a wide range of sizes and fittings, enabling swift and adaptable design configurations for efficient stormwater drainage solutions.

They are significantly lighter than conventional pipes, making them easier to handle, transport, and install.

This can result in reduced labour costs and faster and safer installation times and with rising concerns surrounding the health and wellness of Australian construction workers, BlackMAX puts safety first.

The lightweight nature of BlackMAX pipes means fewer hazards posed during transport and on-site movement, reducing the potential risk of accidents and injuries.

With more than 85 years of experience, Iplex is one of the original Australian manufacturers of large bore, twin-wall polypropylene pipes. The company’s technical engineers offer expert guidance and support for project success, ensuring reliability and professional support for stakeholders.

For more information, visit iplex.com.au

This article featured in the May edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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