Four years of Rogers Energy Services

With visions of entering the gas and energy sector through the provision of services like fibre optic and cable installation, the company has since become an expert in hydro excavation and more. 

Rogers Energy Services Director Joel Rogers knows that starting a company is fraught with difficulties, particularly with a founder under the age of 30. However, with the National Broadband Network (NBN) installations gaining steam and the need for civil crews at an all-time high, the company saw an opportunity to find consistent work.  

“Without a clue on how communications infrastructure went together, we took the leap,” said Mr Rogers.  

“Thankfully, we had two experienced guys who were well overqualified to help us with the learning curve, and so we spent the next three years lifting the game of NBN contractors, investing in new equipment and training.” 

Due to the company’s efficiency, attention to detail and focus on safety, Rogers became a prime contractor to Downer and the preferred contractor to complete infrastructure works for the Queensland Department of Education. 

Rogers Energy Services’ two vacuum excavation trucks.

Foot on the gas 

In 2018, Rogers was given an opportunity to work in the gas industry by MPC Kinetic (MPCK). The company installed 34 km of fibre optic cable behind MPCK’s lowering in crew to a Santos facility, completing all splicing and testing duties along the way.  

“This project jump started us with Downer in central Queensland as they were working the battery limits of the MPCK scope and in 2019 we completed all fibre splicing and testing at the Santos facility in Arcadia Valley,” said Mr Rogers. 

 “In 2019, we began to move further into the pipeline and gas industry. Armed with a 3,000 L vacuum excavation truck from our NBN works, we agreed to send a 6,000 L truck to Clough Mitchell JV (CMJV) in Miles on dry hire which subsequently had to be cross hired.  

“This arrangement led to supplying a single operator then a second operator.” 

Eventually, Rogers took what its Director described as a “massive financial leap of faith” and purchased a brand new 8,000 L truck. The risk paid off and two months later the company was able to purchase a second truck and vacuum excavation had become a significant part of the business.  

Mr Rogers said it hasn’t always been easy to keep the trucks working, but the team has a hunger for success. 

“Our difference is attitude as for us it’s everything,” he said. 

“Our guys want to be there, want to be working and they are treated as the heart of everything we do. Since 2019, we haven’t stopped working for Origin Energy and to date still have vac trucks working with CPB, providing clients the same exceptional service promised from the start.”  

 Now four years into operations, Rogers is still growing its vacuum excavation business while continuing to expand its scope. 

“We are aiming to bring all parts of our company together, using our Electrical Contractors Licence, vacuum excavation trucks, excavators and experience to complete projects start to finish.” 

For more information visit the Rogers Energy Services website. 

This article was featured in the May 2021 edition of The Australian Pipeliner. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.   

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