Flexpipe Systems enhances local presence

Composite spoolable linepipe offers a solution, providing corrosion-resistance, faster installation times, cost savings, small right-of-ways, less heavy equipment required for installation and a safer environment for employees, as fewer are needed onsite.

Flexpipe Systems Australia, a division of ShawCor Australia Pty Ltd, offers four product lines tailored for oil, gas and water lines in the Australian market.

Each has a three-layer design with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner, a helically-wound reinforcement layer and a HDPE outer jacket.

These products are highly engineered and compliant with AS 2885 and are an excellent option to rehabilitate corroded steel lines, as Flexpipe products are great for liner pulls.

Flexpipe Systems recently opened their first solution centre on Lytton Road in Hemmant, QLD.

This 2,941 m2 facility will serve as a yard, workshop, office and training centre, and will be used for inventory storage, onsite contractor training, customer meetings, demonstrations and fitting installation equipment maintenance.

Local inventory means reduced shipping costs and the ability to respond very quickly to customer needs.

Australia is a growing market in the Asia Pacific region and Flexpipe is committed to supporting the industry.

“We believe that Flexpipe Systems products offer cost savings and reliability enhancements that are more critical than ever given current industry conditions,” said Flexpipe Systems Vice President and General Manager Asia Pacific Jeff Conley.

“Our portfolio of products are well suited for the unique requirements of Australian oil and gas production parameters.”

Over 23,000 km of linepipe and 110,000 fittings have been installed around the world in Australia, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.

For more information visit www.fps.global/ap

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