Featured APGA Member: Inductabend

Inductabend offers the industry numerous CNC Cojafex induction bending machines, with capacity up to 900 mm diameter pipe.

Pipe materials that can be hot induction bent include all grades of carbon steel (including high X grades); alloy steels; all grades of stainless steel; duplex stainless steel; chrome-nickel and titanium pipe as well as cladded pipe; simple planar bends and complex spools can also be formed.

Post-bend heat treatment includes gas-fired batch furnace normalising, annealing, stress relieve, quench and temper, while pipe coat peeling, surface garnet grit blast cleaning/stripping and coating services are also available.

Inductabend can also offer cold field bending of CRC Evans PB 38 to 48 inches (960 to 1,210 mm) and Darby HPB 6 to 20 inches (150 to 500 mm).

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For more information visit the Inductabend website.

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