Fast, effective and positive isolation for compressor stations


ONIS Line Blind has developed 16 Quick Action Line Blinds specifically designed for onshore compressor stations, making positive isolation fast, efficient and safe.

The new Quick Action Line Blinds developed for compressor stations allow operators to use an innovative mechanised positive isolation solution to limit fugitive emissions and safety issues when undertaking compressor station maintenance.

The compressor station-specific line blinds feature:

  • Firesafe design: prioritising safety and ensuring robust protection in critical environments
  • High-pressure capability: engineered to handle the rigorous demands of high pressures up to 300bar
  • Safety lock: adding an extra layer of security to authorise operations.

All 16 blinds can be operated in seconds by a single operator, without the need for tools. The line blinds are simple, quick to use and provide a reliable positive isolation operation.

ONIS’ Quick Action Line Blinds for compressor station use. Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

How do Quick Action Line Blinds work?

The Quick Action Line Blind provides a safer, faster and more efficient method for pipeline blinding than traditional methods such as spectacle blind flanges or spade flanges, which can take up to several hours to be installed, making the procedure time-consuming and costly.

With the Quick Action Line Blind, operators can blind up to a 52-inch line in less than 10 minutes without the need of any tools, reducing downtime by 95 per cent, while significantly improving operators’ safety.

To operate the equipment, a level or hand-wheel connected to a gearbox is used to perform the two forged half-bodies/seat spreading operation. This allows for the displacement of a slide gate designed with a full-bore and blind position.

Performing seat clamping is just as easy. Simply operate the level or handwheel in the opposite direction. This quick-action clamping mechanism is self-locking and resistant to overpressure and vibration.

The Quick Action Line Blind design guarantees a tight seal, reducing the risk of fugitive emissions compared to the installation of conventional blinds where tightness depends on operators’ skills.

This equipment is set and tested in the factory and requires no adjustment on-site after installation or operation.

ONIS’ Quick Action Line Blinds for compressor station use. Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

Multi-industry applications

In addition to ONIS’ newly designed Quick Action Line Blinds specifically for compressor stations, the manufacturer produces positive isolation equipment suitable for use in various industries and applications. These include upstream and downstream gas applications as well as within fertiliser, chemical and slurry plants.

The equipment has been used for hydrogen applications for over 40 years, providing a quick mechanical device that can improve safety, efficiency and reduce fugitive emissions on processes using, transporting and producing H2.

The Quick Action Line Blinds will also be a useful piece of positive isolation equipment for carbon capture and storage (CCS) pipelines and facilities as they develop.

Brett Trembath with the ONIS team at its headquarters in France, after receiving training. Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

ONIS is available in Australia through its agent Tremco Pipeline Equipment. The team is fully trained on ONIS technologies.

To learn more about how ONIS can help improve maintenance operations, contact Brett Trembath at or call 07 3344 1066.

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