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Accomplished horizontal directional drilling (HDD) specialist Eamon Foley has recently joined Directhitt Trenchless as its General Manager; his experience is no short story.

For close to three decades, Foley has been an Australian leader and pioneer in HDD and trenchless projects for the design and construction of utilities infrastructure projects throughout the water, energy, mining and hydrocarbons sectors.

Foley started his career in the early 1990s working with HDD innovator Cherrington on projects throughout Australia and Asia.  The first pipeline he worked on in Australia was the 1,375 km Moomba to Sydney Ethane Gas Pipeline. This involved the completion of multiple HDD crossings along the pipeline including the most challenging under the Nepean and Cataract Gorges.

Working alongside the late Joe Ashton, Foley says Ashton was a great mentor who introduced him to the Australian way of life. Following his time with Cherrington, he moved to Malaysia to work with Nacap Drilling on projects throughout South East Asia.

On his return to Australia, Foley teamed up with Steve Coe and was instrumental in helping Coe develop the business in Australia and internationally. He was part of major projects completed throughout Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Bangladesh.

Foley’s new role at Directhitt as General Manager will see the company grow in the face of the ongoing infrastructure industry shift towards trenchless installations. He aims to provide clients an alternative experienced contractor service.

His years of experience in the industry have seen the completion of HDD intersects over 2100 m long, with the pioneering use of gyro steering tools as far back as the 1990s for critical target grade-control rock crossings.

“The industry has grown considerably since the 1990s with clients looking to go bigger, further, deeper and with increased accuracy often in high density urban environments. Environmental constraints have increased, and contractors need to step up to the challenges presented,” Foley says.

“With the advancement of technology in the trenchless industry from steering to downhole tooling, projects are being planned and executed with greater efficiency and success rates.”

Foley’s experience in all aspects of pipe installations from 8-inch up to 56-inch steel pipe diameters encompasses all that is trenchless.

The Directhitt business is one of Australia’s oldest and long-standing HDD drilling companies formed back in 1995 by Albert Hendrickx.

Over the years, Directhitt’s record of project delivery has been well-documented earning it the reputation as the contractor of choice. Foley says the company is often called upon when others have come undone due to difficult ground conditions or where equipment selection was underpowered.

“The general attitude in the company is to get the job done,” he says.

Directhitt senior management includes Karl Haywood as Drilling Operations Manager with over 25 years’ industry experience throughout Australia and South East Asia.

“The company is in good shape to take on HDD and trenchless boring projects throughout Australia with rigs from 50 to 500 ton capacity available. The equipment is stored and maintained at its yard and maintenance facility on the Gold Coast,” Foley says. “Directhitt covers an extensive range of equipment including laser-guided microtunnelling units for varying ground conditions and has constructed some of the most complex trenchless projects in Australia. With expertise in civil engineering covering pipeline installation, Directhitt is able to provide a total project solution for its clients in a variety of markets.”

Directhitt has always had a reputation for taking on complex projects and delivering on every occasion.

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