Excavators Australia: setting the pace

Excavators Australia is out to set new standards, regularly updating machinery with the latest in technology. Combining their equipment with the right operators for the job gives clients unmatched productivity and availability.

The company has minis to large excavators, offering standard or tight access machines with zero swing radius and a large range of attachments including excavator mounted rock grinders, saws and the latest in diamond blades that will cut bluestone and granite. Rocksawing the boundary of building sites means Excavators Australia can cut right on the boundary, which saves on overuse of shotcrete and on footings, reducing overpour of concrete. Rocksawing can also be used on pipe trenches in sensitive areas where noise, vibration or risk of blasting under power lines can prove problematic.

Excavators Australia operates on most of the largest projects in Australia ranging from pipelines, tunnel works, road works, rail works and specialised rocksawing and rock breaking projects. Having such a large fleet gives clients the advantage of complete packages and the availability to upsize, downsize or change plant to suit job requirements without having to go elsewhere. Excavators Australia also owns and operates a fleet of ADTs from 14 tonne up to 40 tonne and runs graders, dozers, loaders, compactors and water carts.

Excavators Australia can supply your project wet or dry, so for personalised, professional hands-on service with the right machines and people call Excavators Australia.

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