Equipping clients for the next pipeline generation

New pile driver SDR-108.

Pipeline Equipment Rentals is building off the success of the past 12 months by completing an overhaul of many machines in its extensive fleet, in addition to the introduction of a brand new padding machine SCAIP SPD-350 EHD. 

Business Development Manager Fabio Resimini tells The Australian Pipeliner this upgrade was just in time to fulfill all of Pipeline Equipment Rentals’ clients’ needs. 

Pipelayer CAT CPX-594.
Pipelayer CAT CPX-594.

He says at a time where the industry is still very energetic and engaging for the oil, gas and construction sector in Australia, Western Australia appears to be having the biggest boom in terms of demand. 

“Since the end of last year, we supported a variety of clients looking for different solutions. From complete packages of equipment and operators for their most critical activities, like trenching and padding, to simply reliable specialised equipment for pipe unloading and stringing, welding, and lowering in,” Resimini says.

“We also offered technical support and knowledge during critical processes like WorkSafe WA registration and assessment of some of their own equipment, and also mechanical repairs and fabrication of their pipeline construction equipment.”

Resimini says the feedback from all of its clients as a result of the company’s expertise has been positive, especially due to the quality of support Pipeline Equipment Rentals has shown. 

The company takes pride in supporting its clients through the whole duration of projects, not just providing the equipment, and walking away from its clients until they’re finished with it. 

“We support them all the way along the duration of their projects, with insights, know-how and all of our field experience, helping them in making the best decisions for their requirements,” Resimini says. 

“It is always a great feeling to hear them saying ‘thank you for your support, you’ve done a great job’, that is the outcome we strive for when planning with our clients.” 

“Transparency and honesty are paramount to us when dealing with our clients. We explain very clearly about the costs involved

Brand new padding machine SCAIP SPD-350 EHD.
Brand new padding machine SCAIP SPD-350 EHD.

and ways to be efficient with the services they require, to ensure to avoid any surprises along the away, and allow them to better forecast their budgets.”

When looking at timelines, Resimini says the company always clarify the timeline required to prepare the equipment at time of quotation in order for its clients to prepare for site mobilisation in a timely manner, and ensure the equipment is delivered to a high standard and compliant with their site requirements.

Continuing to further enhance its capabilities, Pipeline Equipment Rentals is now supplying products from SCAIP, which is helping its clients improve their productivity and safety in solar and wind farm construction. 

SCAIP is currently working on a number of new machines to fill some gaps it identified in the construction of solar and wind farms.

“A few months ago, the testing of a new pile driver, the SDR-108, was completed and the machine is now in use on a large-scale project in the USA, offering superior performance,” Resimini says. 

“This unit was engineered to provide better performance of the current market leader in the USA. It is a medium-large type of machine with great frame stability. The main focus of this project was providing full performance of the hammer with a fully loaded machine; hence the main focus was stability and strength of the load bearing frame to work on uneven ground. 

New slinger SRT-250SL.
New slinger SRT-250SL.

“The machine is capable of working with poles up to 6 m (20 feet) in length, offering the highest level of safety, thanks to the layout of the moving parts and in-built safety devices. An acoustic and light signal warns the operator if the machine is in a potentially hazardous situation, while proximity sensors have been installed at the front to prevent collision with obstacles. The stability and robustness of the machinery provides a competitive advantage on a mechanical level over the competition. The option list includes an electronic GPS system that allows it to be completely autonomous in the line-up of the hammer with the set point, and the repositioning to the next point: a site gridline is uploaded onto the machine GPS system allowing it to move autonomously from point to point.”

The second machine currently undergoing field testing is a brand-new slinger – the SRT-250SL – a rubber tracked vehicle with a maximum load weight of 30 tonnes, 275 horsepower, a hopper capacity of 10 cu m and unloading speed of 100 cu m/h. 

“We are extremely excited to enter this new era of pipelines construction and we are here to support our clients in achieving their goals and overcome any new challenge they may face along the way,” Resimini says. 

For more information visit www.pipelineequipmentrentals.com.au

This article is featured in the September edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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