EPCRC wins innovation award

The award was presented at the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Association National Convention which was held from 20-21 May 2014 in Perth, Western Australia.

The research team responsible included researchers from the University of Wollongong and industry personnel from the Australian Pipeline Industry Association Research and Standards Committee. They conducted world-leading research that provides a deeper understanding of fracture in gas pipelines and developed design tools to ensure that pipelines are resistant to a major fracture incident.

The research has also produced internationally acclaimed software which improves the process of fracture prediction in the pipeline design phase and allows the appropriate steel to be selected.

Energy Pipelines CRC Chief Executive Officer Professor Valerie Linton said that it was an honour for the CRC to receive this award as it demonstrated the long-term value that can be provided through collaborative research and working closely with the pipeline industry.

“The research into fracture control of gas pipelines is essential into ensuring the safety and stability of our crucial national pipeline infrastructure,” said Professor Linton.

“I am very proud of the research team responsible and they show the effectiveness of CRC funding. They were able to take a long term challenge of the Australian Pipeline Industry and find an effective solution.”

The CRC Association National Convention was attended by dignitaries including the Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke and, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry, Bob Baldwin. The event was attended by staff from many cooperative research centres and provides the opportunity for CRCs to discuss the future of innovation in Australia and its relationship with Asia.

For more information on the Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre visit www.epcrc.com.au

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