ENEOS, Neoen begin hydrogen study

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Japanese oil refiner ENEOS announced this week it would begin a joint study with Neoen - one of the world’s leading independent renewable energy power producers.   

ENEOS plans to conduct a study to build a supply chain for affordable and stable supply of green hydrogen produced from renewable energy.   

Neoen is a French firm based in Australia, which is already developing a hydrogen project at Crystal Brook Energy Park. 

South Australia is known as one of the most developed regions in the world in terms of battery storage infrastructure, and the venture will use the state for testing a large-scale hydrogen supply chain with ENEOS planning to use existing infrastructure.  

According to ENEOS, Australia has great potential for cost-competitive hydrogen due to its favourable climate conditions, including wind, sunlight and expansive land.   

The two companies will run a pre-feasibility study by the end of 2021 to examine the potential for stable hydrogen production in South Australia.   

ENEOS and Neoen will use government support, including the Green Innovation Fund in Japan and  in Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy,  with Neoen responsible for studying stable renewable energy supply and water electrolysis cells for hydrogen production.  

ENEOS will manage efficient production of methylcyclohexane at Neoen’s Australian plant, where the green hydrogen will be shipped to Japan.  

For more information visit the ENEOS website. 


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