ENA, APGA report says gas could be 100% renewable

net zero emissions

Although natural gas is a low emission fuel, there is an increasing need for Australia’s gas networks to be fully decarbonised.

Following the Paris Agreement and COP26, Gas Vision 2050 has identified internal strategies and targets that will empower the gas industry’s to achieve net zero emissions.

To align with both state and national targets, APGA is looking to transition toward fully renewable energy, and create pipelines and networks that can accomodate for all forms of decarbonised gas.

“Gas infrastructure businesses are adopting ambitious internal targets to reach net-zero emissions, some by 2040, and major progress has been made towards providing renewable gas to customers,” said APGA CEO Steve Davies.

“The fastest path to net-zero includes the decarbonisation of gas.

“We are working today to make gas networks and pipelines ready to accommodate any form of renewable and decarbonised gas to reduce emissions.”

According to the report, carbon offsets and energy efficiencies can help to reduce emissions – but to reach net zero, the fuel itself needs to be decarbonised and renewable.

The Gas Vision 2050 report outlines three alternatives, including bio and renewable methane, hydrogen, and direct electrification.

Read the full Gas Vision 2050 report here.

For more information visit the APGA website.

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