EGS Survey: a total solution for onshore, nearshore and offshore pipeline projects

EGS Survey provides a range of services for pipeline and broader oil and gas industry:

  • Pipeline and cable surveys;
  • Surveys for infrastructure developments;
  • Near shore hydrographic & geophysical surveys;
  • Drill rig positioning; and,
  • Oceanography.

Both companies have reputations for excellence, innovation, efficiency, safety and client satisfaction.

Karl Perry, National Survey Manager said, “EGS Survey has the capability and capacity to provide outstanding survey logistics and support for any hydrographic project in Australia, or internationally.”

EGS Director Graham Evans noted “EGS has always responded to client needs. Increasingly, it has become apparent that we can be of greater assistance to Australia’s marine-based industries. Having worked together successfully on recent Australian hydrographic surveys with AAMHatch we are completely confident that we are creating a business that will provide excellent service to the Australian hydrographic market for decades to come.”

This confidence has already proven well placed with EGS Survey having successfully performed hydrographic surveys for Woodside, BHP Billiton and other industry leaders.

EGS Survey calls upon the expertise of over 250 survey professionals drawn from across the following fields: geophysics, topographic surveying, geotechnical engineering, mining engineering, environmental sciences, electronic, hydraulic modelling, geology, oceanography, hydrographic surveying, geodesy, civil and coastal engineering, cartography and surveying.

For onshore surveys, the use of ground and airborne based technologies provides a time and cost effective range of solutions.

Geo-referenced digital video imagery acquired by helicopter provides high resolution data of immense value for preliminary reconnaissance and subsequent analysis of narrow corridors. Digital colour orthophotos derived from aerial photography provide valuable information for route selection and a valuable overview is exceptionally useful as a background in your GIS for planning and analysis tasks.

Airborne surveys undertaken by AAMHatch offer a range of advantages:

  • Rapid and accurate;
  • Platform independent;
  • Minimal ground access; and,
  • Cost effective and comprehensive.

AAMHatch has built upon eight decades of professional experience, development and client service. Their leading position is reflected by our growing list of Australian and international clients across a range of markets.

AAMHatch uses the best available technologies and people to provide practical solutions. Their ongoing investment in research and technology ensures that their solutions are the most advanced and efficient possible.

Between AAMHatch and EGS Survey, national and international survey solutions are available for engineers and pipeline owners/managers.

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