FPK (Ferret Industries)

Ferret Industries (FPK) has been supplying the hose, tube and pipe industries with open cell polyurethane cleaning/drying PolyFerrets® since its inception back in 1993.

FPK manufactures and supplies sizes from 5mm to 1.8m in diameter in Virginia, Queensland.

In the smaller sizes 5mm to 120mm diameter, the company use foam densities from 42kg to 120kg M3 depending on the application and can supply a pneumatic (Australian made) hand held launcher for shooting the PolyFerrets® down the lines of 5mm to 50mm id.

For the larger lines (gas, water, fuel), FPK supplies light density white PolyFerrets® 15kg M3, low density green PolyFerrets® 27kg M3, and medium density pink PolyFerrets® 42kg M3.

Its PolyFerrets® can be made to any size to suit a particular pipe diameter, be it steel or HDPE lines

FPK can make them plain, with bevel tips and sealed bases, pull rope and washers, abrasive scourer coating, and even tracker cavities on large sizes.

The company works with its clients to find the best size and type of PolyFerrets® to suit their projects – whether its cleaning or drying or post-hydrostatic testing.

Being made here in Australia means it can offer very quick lead times for the largest projects.

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