Easy and effective corridor mapping

Gyrovision, based in Sydney, provides aerial video mapping services (AVMS) using the latest in geo-referenced software applications seamlessly integrated with outstanding quality digital video tapes – shot from a helicopter as low as a hundred feet above ground level.

The result is a multi-dimensional tool that provides the user simultaneously with an interlinked scaled map, GIS information and a video tape or DVD all on the desktop. The data can be used in purpose built modules in the major GIS systems.

“This is a significant leap in both technology and methodology. It literally brings the field to the desktop, not the man to the field,” Gyrovision’s Will Stein explained.

The use of helicopters in accessing remote areas, and the use of video to record images is not new. However, the integration of the video as a data layer within a GIS system, giving the ability to include other data and to obtain a visual image of the area anywhere along the actual corridor is.

Within the pipeline industry a number of applications for geo-referenced video are obvious.

Prospective routes can be rapidly mapped and recorded for further analysis. With no site access problems, initial and further investigation for potential route selection or rejection can be undertaken on the desktop.

In the planning and design stages of pipeline construction a geo-referenced video record of the proposed track will provide tenderers or sub-contractors with further information to allow increased accuracy of feasibility studies and cost estimates. It assists in providing pre and post construction comparisons for EIS, land remediation and risk management.

During the construction phase the progress of the project can be reviewed and problem areas identified and monitored. The tape or DVD can be used as a historical record and to update the management team on the status of the project and any issues.

Gyrovision has recently integrated AAM Hatch’s ALS/LiDAR on to a purpose built helicopter mount giving a permanently based helicopter-borne ALS in Australia.

Other uses of Gyrovision’s aerial video mapping system include bush fire mapping, power line, rivers and coastline and environmental and critical infrastructure surveys.

Gyrovision was established in 2001. Further information can be found on their web site: www.gyrovision.com.au

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