Dredging work completed on Ichthys Project

The main dredging program commenced in August 2012, while a smaller dredging program for the Project’s gas export pipeline has also been completed.

International dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects contractor Van Oord led the program using some of the world’s largest and most powerful dredging equipment.

More than 300 people were working on the program at the peak of dredging.

Construction on the Ichthys LNG Project recently reached the halfway mark, with first production planned for approximately two years from now.

Project equity interests include INPEX (63.445 per cent), TOTAL (30 per cent), CPC (2.625 per cent), Tokyo Gas (1.575 per cent), Osaka Gas (1.200 per cent), Chubu Electric (0.735 per cent) and Toho Gas (0.420 per cent).

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