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McElroy’s new equipment inspection app is another reason the company remains a leader in the fusion industry.

When it comes to improving its equipment, McElroy does not sit still. The company knows it needs to offer the best and most up-to-date tools.

The DataLogger is one such example.

The quality assurance tool records fusion data and ensures quality joints. McElroy is continuously updating the DataLogger to meet the needs of owners and operators and, coupled with the Vault™, gives operators and owners the information to save time, money, and manpower when fusing with McElroy machines.

The latest addition to the company’s quality assurance line-up is the McElroy equipment inspection app, which is now available online.

The app allows machine owners to manage and maintain their fleets, ensuring each piece of equipment is ready to perform. With a variety of applications, the process can be used with rental equipment, as well as inspections required by companies and governmental agencies.

Optimised for the DataLogger 7, the equipment inspection app is available on Google Play and the Apple store. It is best viewed using McElroy’s DataLogger, but it can be used on any device.

Machine owners can use their Vault credentials to access the app to view existing inspections. For those without a Vault account however, the login screen provides a link to create a new account.

A McElroy ID is required to enable inspection functionality, and this is assigned after the successful completion of the McElroy University inspection module.

The app seamlessly guides users through the inspection with pre-populated checklists for machines and components. The built-in DataLogger camera can be used to snap pictures of machines, allowing for easy identification.

To streamline operations, the app allows users to create customised inspection surveys for any piece of equipment they own – not just McElroy fusion machines.

For McElroy products, the app provides access to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement part numbers, allowing owners and distributors to easily create a list of replacement parts if repairs are needed.

Rental and maintenance

Two separate modes are available in the app: rental and maintenance.

In rental mode, users can easily view the check-in or check-out status of any piece of equipment in their fleet. Intuitive filtering options make it a simple task to find the correct machine, every time. For quick reference, each item will also display a check-in or check-out status on the ‘Asset’ tab.

In maintenance mode, machine owners can maintain their inventory or perform annual inspections. This mode lets users view all assets and inspection histories in one place.

Maintenance mode is recommended for managing inventory and annual inspections, while rental mode can be used to manage rental fleets. But both modes can be tailored to each owner’s individual needs.

For an inspection, machines can be located by asset number, model number or serial number. From there, a set of custom instructions is displayed, walking individuals through the inspection process and making it easier to spot any parts that need repair or attention. At any point in the process, inspectors can save their progress and continue later.

The app allows owners and technicians to share jobs and create detailed reports at the push of a button.

Inspection reports that include statuses, images and comments can be downloaded from any device worldwide, giving operators the added assurance that their machines have been inspected and maintained according to McElroy’s leading standards.

McElroy University has developed an online training module to educate users on the proper inspection process, as well as how to use the inspection app.

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