DEUTZ leads way with CSG and CMM

The need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions has changed the way CSG and CMM gas has been viewed over the last ten years. DEUTZ has focused its R&D and development on gas engines, with over 90 per cent of the Mannheim (Germany) factory now producing highly efficient gas engines.

DEUTZ have responded to the push for low operation costs with the only 4 MW gas engine on the market which has 4,000 hour basic service intervals. As the DEUTZ Venturi system only requires 50 mbar for reliable and inexpensive operation, there is no need for high-pressure gas supply for CSG or CMM gas applications.

The DEUTZ Gas engines also have the patented engine control system known as TEM (Total Electronic Management). This fully computer-controlled system monitors every aspect of the engine based on the combustion temperature to prevent knocking and allow for safe operation on CSG or CMM gas. The TEM will adjust the gas mix to deliver the rated output from the generator as well as meet emission requirements.

DEUTZ TEM also gives safe and reliable starting of engines through the use of methane sensors to allow for changes in the methane concentration from the time the engine is shut down to when it is restarted.

Currently DEUTZ has operating projects around the world with methane levels as low as 25 per cent. While this is very low and not the norm, it does demonstrate why DEUTZ through the TEM EVO system is a world leader in CSG/CMM.

DEUTZ AG worldwide has an annual turnover of $2.5 billion, with sales of over 237,000 engines per year. DEUTZ Australia has been operating for 55 years and has office and service operations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and New Zealand.

DEUTZ has over ten years experience with CSG and CMM gas with over 250 MW installed at over 100 sites in Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Greece, China and the Czech Republic.

To DEUTZ, CSG and CMM are not special gases; they are fuel to make power, just like landfill and sewage gas.

For more information on DEUTZ Gas engines and possible applications please contact David Sparano or Simon Helps on 03 9586 9600.

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