Deutz focuses on coal seam market

Deutz AG worldwide has an annual turnover of approx. $2.1 billion, sells more than 195,000 engines per year and is one of the remaining successful independent engine manufacturers in the world.

Deutz Australia (a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of Deutz AG) was formed in 1952 and has branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and overseas representation in New Zealand.

The impact of methane on the climate is about 21 times higher than that of carbon dioxide. Deutz Power Systems (DPS) realised the huge potential of this market quite some time ago and has since become one of the foremost players in the CSG/CMG market in Europe. DPS has installed approximately 250 MW worldwide with the first plant operational since 1997.

DPS gas engines have a patented air/gas mixing system and patented TEM (total electronic management) system that controls the engine performance based on the combustion temperature. These patented systems ensure DPS gas engines can react quickly to rapid fluctuations in gas quality giving reliable engine performance and maximum possible load and efficiency at all times.

DPS gas engines have advanced governing technology which is tailored for operation on CSG/CMG It is also the sole producer of a 4 MW size engine for operation on CSG/CMG and its 2020 and 2032 gas engines can operate on CSG/CMG down to 25 per cent methane.

Six “˜state of the art’ gas engine models ranging between 180 and 4,000 kW are the driving force behind DPS, with the highest efficiency in its class and excellent performance on various fuels. DPS engines have established a strong market presence with well over 2,900 gen sets delivered between 1991 and 2006, totalling over 3,200 MW.

The Deutz Gas Engine Series
TCG 2015 (180 – 240 kW) TBG 616K (323 – 700 kW) TCG 2016 (555 – 800 kW) TBG 620K (970 – 1400 kW) TCG 2020 (1050 – 2070 kW) TCG 2032 (3000 – 4000 kW)

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