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Sale Price $95,590
Listing Type New
Stock Number MULTICUT620FW
RefCode TA1124956
CategoryFolding Wing
Cutting Width - mm6280
Cutting Height - mm25-210
Tractor ConnectionTrailed
Power Rating - kW67
Power Rating - Hp90
PTO Drive - RPM1000
Length - mm5070
Width - mm6470
Weight - kg2850


The Multicut 650 is boosted with additional output capability, enabling the comfortable clearance of more than 8 hectares per hour. A walking axle design is standard across the full width of the machine delivering exceptional ground contour following and reduced shock loading in harsh field conditions. Wider wheels are also fitted to add additional comfort and improved performance.

Renowned durability is built into this mower and the evenness of spread from the five rotors is unrivalled leaving a clean finish and high output unmatched by competitive three rotor machines of the same width. With a six gearbox driveline, each with slip clutch protection, the power is evenly spread to deliver exceptional reliability and durability whilst allowing enhanced forward speeds and fuel efficiency.


Reinforced mega strength deck structure
Built in shock absorbs
LED light kit
Full width walking axle
Full width front & rear safety chains
Heavy duty industrial tyres (wide)
Premium long life shaft drive
Universal drawbar for high or low towing
Adjustable levelling tie bars
Hydraulic wing lift and support
Mechanical wing float support
Full length side skids
Slip clutch protection
111HP rotor box
Anti-scalp disc
Heavy duty winged updraught blades
250HP splitter box
Integrated seal protector
Includes carrier & hardware for easy fitting of starcut


Machine weight (with front and rear single chain guards): 2,850kg / 6,283lbs
Hitch: Multi-positional drawbar
Cutting width: 6.28m / 247"
Working machine width: 6.47m / 255"
Transport machine width: 2.70m / 106"
Maximum working length: 5.07m / 200"
Transport length: 4.93m / 194"
Deck height (underside of deck to skid): 0.23m / 9"
Transport height: 2.90m / 115"
Cutting height: 25mm - 210mm (1" - 8 1/4")
Cutting capacity: 100mm / 4"
Recommended tractor hp: 90hp / 67kW
Wing working angles: 45 degrees up / 15 degrees down
Power take-off speed: 1,000rpm
Gearbox (splitter): Cast iron housing
Gearbox (rotor gearboxes (x5)): Cast iron housing
Input shaft: 1" 3/8 Z21 or Z6 SFT 8 tractor end
Gearbox oil capacity (splitter gearbox): 2.7L / 4.7 pints
Gearbox oil capacity (centre + inner rotor gearboxes (x3)): 2.1L / 3.7 pints
Gearbox oil capacity (outer rotor gearboxes (x2)): 1.3L / 2.3 pints
Deck construction: All welded construction
Deck material thickness: 6mm (1/4")
Side skirt material thickness: 5mm (3/16")
Skid construction: Replaceable bolt on skid shoes
Anti-scalp dish (outer wing rotors): 5mm (3/16") round pan with blade holder bar
Blades (x15): 12mm (1/2") 30 carbon boron hardened and tempered. Free swinging high lift - low friction
Blade bolts: M24 C/W shank grade 8.8
Blade tip speed (1,000rpm): 79mps / 15551fpm
Driveline: ASAE Category 6
Driveline protection: 2/4-way slip clutches on rotor gearboxes. Overrun on input shaft
Tailwheel mount assemblies: Tubular welded walking axles
Tailwheels (x8): 21x9 14 PLY optional wider pneumatic tyre with steel hub
Front guard: Single chain guards on each deck

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