Deputy Premier highlights QLD opportunities

Mr Lucas, who is also the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, outlined exciting infrastructure developments in Queensland as well as speaking briefly about skills and training issues.

The Minister noted the versatility of the many coal seam gas (CSG) projects developing in Queensland. In particular, he pointed to QGC’s proposal to treat the water from its CSG tenements in the Surat Basin and pipe it to drought ridden areas near Toowoomba. He described QGC managing director Richard Cottee as an outstanding citizen, displaying dedication to the community as well as to the energy industry.

He also spoke about major developments using CSG as feedstock, such as the five proposed Gladstone LNG projects and the potential to develop tenements in the Bowen Basin.

Mr Lucas was prompted to speak about the recently announced 90 km common infrastructure corridor in central Queensland. He was asked if companies will need to apply for separate approvals to construct in the Stanwell to Gladstone corridor, or if a streamlined approval process will be developed. The Deputy Premier said that he would make sure to get back to the pipeline industry with a definitive answer at a later date.

Mr Lucas’ speech clearly demonstrated his understanding of the integral role that the pipeline industry will play in the future of Queensland’s exciting energy developments.

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