Denso’s VISCOTAQTM coating systems leading the way in corrosion prevention

The VISCOTAQTM systems are proving to be a valuable addition to vital pipelines and infrastructures within the oil, gas, pipeline, petrochemical, and water industries. The products are 100 per cent impermeable to water and oxygen and have high thermal resistance, offering resilient protection between -45C and 125C. 

Denso National Development Manager for VISCOTAQTM, Adam Matthews says the VISCOTAQTM range of products offer a truly surface tolerant, self-healing, long-term solution for the pipeline industry. 

The products were developed in cooperation with leading polymer engineers and oil and gas companies, and have been manufactured using a reliable viscous elastic coating technology. The viscosity allows the coating material to flow into all the pores of the surface it is applied to, whereas the elasticity reinforces it with the strength and robustness of a solid material. 

This means that the coating has two protective layers: an inner layer to prevent corrosion, and an outer layer to prevent mechanical abrasion. Together, these layers ensure that the coating does not crack, become brittle, deteriorate, or conform to an irregular shape over time. 

“The VISCOTAQ coating systems contain no solvents or carcinogens, are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-flammable, inert material, with no deterioration over time,” Matthews says.

VISCOTAQTM products can also adhere to a range of shaped and non-shaped substrates, including concrete, steel, PVC, metal, vinyl, and wood. It is also suitable for use on buried pipelines and fittings, above ground structures and pipework, flanges and valves, tank chimes, weld joints and more.

“Most importantly, VISCOTAQTM   is very easy to apply, and [Denso] provide comprehensive product training to ensure the system is applied correctly and maximum coating longevity is achieved,” Matthews says.

These features were demonstrated by WRAP Resources, who completed the very first application of VISCOTAQTM on an above-ground fuel line in south-east Queensland in 2021. 

The VISCOTAQTM XHT, which has a high temperature tolerance and unmatched stability, was applied to a pair of side-by-side fuel lines, 24-inch (609.6mm) and 8-inch (203.2mm) in diameter. This application was done in accordance with the standard application manual. It required minimal surface preparation, only a simple hand tool cleaning. No primer was necessary. 

The coating was then sealed by Denso’s UV resistant Densoglass to increase the durability of the VISCOTAQTM XHT beneath it. Densoglass is part of Denso’s core range of UV tolerant outer wraps; it is a temperature-tolerant, fiberglass cloth imbued with a water-activated aliphatic polyurethane resin. 

Once the project was completed, WRAP confirmed there was an impermeable, continuous layer of protection covering the fuel lines. The fuel lines are now being actively protected by a high quality, maintenance-free viscoelastic coating. 

Denso has been supplying corrosion and chemical resistant coatings and linings for use on onshore and offshore pipelines, fittings, welded joints, and civil and marine structures, for the last 90 years. 

As a subsidiary of Winn & Coales International, the company manufactures a range of products, including liquid epoxy coatings, petrolatum tape systems, sealing and moulding mastics, premier shrink sleeves, and bitumen and butyl tapes. 

All these products are known for being able to endure extreme conditions and protect materials from highly corrosive environments. They offer long-term protection of steel, concrete, and timber surfaces, with up to 30-plus years of maintenance-free service.

In 2021, Winn & Coales acquired the global business of Viscotaq™, which also included the US-based company Amcorr Products & Services. Amcorr was the market leader for coating and sealants in the North American corrosion industry and was a formulator of visco-elastic protective coatings.

The acquisition of this company allowed Denso to manufacture and distribute the new VISCOTAQTM self-healing corrosion protection and sealing technology to a broad range of sectors. The VISCOTAQTM product range has now been used across Australia and New Zealand on numerous pipelines.

Matthews says the acquisition of Amcorr has been a major steppingstone for Denso, as the Viscotaq™ product line enhances and complements its existing range of coatings. 

“Denso is now able to offer the complete range of corrosion prevention technologies to customers,” he says. 

Since the acquisition and distribution of the patented VISCOTAQTM product range, Denso has maintained its position as the leading manufacturer of innovative corrosion prevention technology and materials in Australia.

“Our team’s expertise is enhanced through continual training as well as our research and development efforts, all done with a focus on developing and delivering the highest quality of bespoke solutions to our customers,” Matthews says.

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This article featured in the May edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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