Delivering seawater desalination plant in Alkimos with Water Corporation

The pipeline extension is set to provide crucial water for the environment. Image: Anoo/

To help reduce dependency on rainfall and groundwater, Water Corporation is now preparing to deliver a new seawater desalination plant in Alkimos.

The new desalination plant in Alkimos will include a 50 billion litres per year desalination plant within the Alkimos Water Precinct, with the possibility of a future 50 billion litres per year expansion.

This will be enabled by an ocean intake pipeline below the seabed that brings seawater into the plant, as well as an ocean discharge pipeline below the seabed that safely takes brine (salty water) away from the plant.

A 33.5-kilometre pipeline will convey drinking water produced by the plant to Wanneroo Reservoir for supply into Perth’s Integrated Water Supply Scheme.

The project is set to include built-up, vegetated sand dunes on the western side of Alkimos Water Precinct.

Water Corporation will incorporate this into the existing natural dune system to minimise potential visual and noise impacts from the plant.

Lastly the project will encompass provision for a 4.9 billion litres per year groundwater treatment plant and local bores.

A reduction in rainfall and an increase in population means Western Australia needs a new water source.

The Alkimos Seawater Desalination Plant will be WA’s next major water source. At completion of stage 1 the plant will supply 50 billion litres of clean, safe drinking water to millions of Western Australians each year.

With further investment and construction, stage 2 will increase the plant capacity to 100 billion litres per year.

The plant will be built within an area known as Alkimos Water Precinct, between Marmion Avenue and the coast. Water Corporation is the proprietor of the land and already operates a wastewater treatment plant at the precinct.

The utility currently operates two seawater desalination plants.

Its first desalination plant in Kwinana started production in 2006, and in 2011 the Binningup seawater desalination plant followed.

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