Daylesford pipeline on track

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The Daylesford water supply pipeline in Victoria has achieved a significant 80 per cent installation milestone.

So far, over 14km of the 17km water pipeline has been installed along the pipeline alignment, which includes areas such as Blampied – Kooroocheang Road, the Midland Highway, Hepburn regional park, and Italian Hill powerline easements.

“The investment, planning and construction of this significant project is an important step towards meeting our 2040 strategic goals and the expectations of the Daylesford community to provide a secure, reliable and efficient water supply now and into the future,” Central Highlands Water managing director Jeff Haydon said.

“This is a substantial advancement in water infrastructure for Daylesford, providing a sustainable water network to meet the regions water security needs, with an expected life span of 100 years and a design capacity to provide more than 300 extra megalitres per annum of supplementary raw water,” Haydon said.

Open trench work as well as trenchless technology was used to minimise geographical challenges of natural waterways, hillsides, and varied ground conditions including hard rock.

The final 3km of pipeline installation will see major asset connections and Midland Highway works to recommence in August.

The Daylesford water supply project involves three-part process of firstly installing the 17km water pipeline, followed by additional pump capacity at the current Goldfields Superpipe, Blampied pump station, and the Daylesford water treatment plant upgrades.

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