Contract Resources: keeping pipes clean

The in-pipe vehicles can break down very hard deposits in the pipe with the use of powerful front-mounted cutters. Because the vehicle remains firmly positioned concentrically in the centre of the pipe at all times, no risk to the pipe wall is posed, even in the most demanding cutting situations.

A fully on-board monitoring system controls the vehicle’s rate of travel, ensuring the most productive performance relative to the changing volumes and hardness of the waste material.

The pipe can be cleaned in one pass, with all the removed waste contained in a closed system using closed loop nitrogen circulation. This eliminates the risk of contaminating the surrounding work environment with the presence of hydrocarbons and pyro-phorics.

All waste material is removed from the system via a vacuum line, eliminating the need for water to transport the waste. This results in significant waste disposal savings.

On board CCTV allows real time visual monitoring of the work in progress from the safety of the control unit. There is also the capability to produce a DVD recording of the internal pipe condition and completed result.

The company also offers a range of interchangeable attachments for in-line pipe tasks other than cleaning, such as bead cutters for removing weld beads in polyethylene pipe systems, and scraper heads for de-scaling operations.

Pipeline integrity

Contract Resources has an alliance with GE PII Pipeline Solutions providing pipeline operators with easy access to the comprehensive selection of world class inspection, integrity and data management services.

GE PII is one of the industry leaders in in-line pipeline inspection. The company’s history of continual technological advancement has resulted in an array of inspection tools, which provide precise information and reports tailored to operators’ unique decision making needs. Advanced proprietary analysis software enables clients to better evaluate defects, develop reliable projections of corrosion growth, and minimise validation digs.


With 20 years experience in the petrochemical, mining, chemical and utilities industries, Contract Resources offers the pipeline industry a full range of maintenance services including high pressure and ultra high pressure hydro jet cleaning and surface preparation, abrasive blasting, industrial coatings, chemical cleaning, and vacuum cleaning.

Contract Resources is ISO-9001 certified, and offers solutions to specific problems not just the supply of labour and equipment. The company works with clients to establish inspection and test plans mirroring the project’s specific needs and client requirements and supplies multi-skilled teams selected for each project.

Contract Resources aims to set new standards with innovative technology for pipeline maintenance. By providing a multi-skilled workforce, Contract Resources ensures optimal performance and productivity, while maintaining a safety record of zero incidents. This is achieved utilising a full-time safety management team to provide internationally recognised and respected safety training programs and systems.

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