Communication systems for remote projects

Nixon Communications has been providing solutions to the communication challenges faced by the pipeline and construction industry in remote Australia for more than 30 years.

The range of services offered by the company, based in Gladstone, central Queensland, is extensive, with its cost-effective, energy-efficient and technologically innovative solutions a key contributor to many successful and profitable projects.

A recent example of this ever-improving technology has been the deployment of a new IP phone system over satellite on Nacap’s QSN3 Project in southwest Queensland.

The new Nixon phone

These Cisco IP phones aren’t affected by latency or call quality issues commonly found in IP phone systems deployed remotely. This has been made possible partly because of the in-built technology that these phones have, but also because of the unique back-end platform utilised to interface the system with the public telephone network.

Another essential element to the success of the call quality gained is the way the phone system is configured onsite. No shortcuts are taken with the quality of the equipment that is deployed and it is expertly installed by experienced field technicians. The system is run as a fully-managed service and constant monitoring is put in place to ensure its integrity.

Detailed billing for phone calls is provided for each phone number, giving the client a clear understanding of their phone costs.

Nixon satellite technology

Nixon is now also utilising high-powered C band satellite links to remote sites, which are more immune to precipitation outages than previous systems, meaning that these satellites provide an extremely stable and reliable link. They have also been proven to be suitable for applications such as Citrix, commonly used by all major companies for IT management.

The use of satellite technology allows clear phone and data communications between remote projects and city-based head offices. With Next G mobile coverage available in some remote areas, fixed cellular mobile terminals can be utilised for camp communications, including phone and data, rather than the more expensive satellite option.

Other Nixon services: The VoIP radio modem

The use of VoIP radio modems allows the client to monitor and access the Nixon construction radio system on the remote projects from the city office, if required.

The Nixon construction radio system provides total end-to-end communication along the project. The system has been recently improved by the introduction of digital technology to the intersite linking. This provides better immunity to outside interference and a clearer voice signal.

There have been amazing technological developments in communications in the past thirty years and Nixon has been at the forefront of their successful application to the challenges faced by the pipeline and construction industry.

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