Communication company expands through acquisition

MST said that, building on the company’s underground mining strengths, the Nixon Communications acquisition is a core element of ongoing development of its surface mining and resources business, substantially expanding its capabilities.

Nixon Communications Founder and Managing Director John Nixon will remain with the combined company for at least 18 months as an adviser and consultant.

For both companies’ customers, business will continue as usual, while they will increasingly benefit from the combined strengths of the merged companies. MST customers will soon be able to draw on Nixon Communications’ expertise and resource pool in surface mining and pipeline communications.

Retaining its branding, management team and continuing to operate as usual, Nixon Communications will become a key part of MST’s Australian field operations, headed by General Manager Christian Fischer.

MST Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Zenari said “Nixon Communications will continue to operate under its current name and retain its current autonomy, entrepreneurial character and flexibility, but now also benefits from the resources and critical mass of the expanded group, able to scale up for our customers without compromising responsiveness and service.”

Mr Zenari said that in making the decision to join MST and Nixon Communications, the cultural match between the two companies was very important.

“The fit is excellent in a number of key areas. Both MST and Nixon Communications have a very strong safety focus, with field teams looking out for each others’ safety onsite in remote, often hazardous and difficult locations.

“The two businesses have very little overlap in their product set and customer base. We also share a long commitment to mining and adjacent sectors, developing fit-for-purpose services and products, and a focus on building the capability of our people,” said Mr Zenari.

Mr Nixon said that MST and Nixon Communications have complementary businesses, technologies and culture that now combine to create a strong merged company.

“Nixon Communications will benefit from MST’s underground mining communications strengths and international market leadership in that sector, while we will contribute our leading experience and expertise in surface mining and pipeline communications to MST’s customers both in Australia and internationally.

“There are significant opportunities for both businesses and for our skilled people to collaborate and for Nixon Communications to now grow our business outside of our core Queensland market, both around Australia and internationally,” said Mr Nixon.

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